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In That Moment

This song is inspired by events that took place when my dad was in the hospital late last year (2018). My brother showed me a video he had captured on his cell phone of my dad singing “Happy Birthday” to one of his sisters despite the fact he had been diagnosed with heart failure.  His family was with him though we were quite sure he wasn’t going to live much longer. He’s still alive today, but still much weaker than we have ever seen him. Guilt and fear are powerful triggers and thus the song.


Because of You

A song about who and what I am, the reasons why, and why I’m so grateful.



Dreams… they’re what make us live, smile, and imagine what we could be and do.


Full Throttle

A song about an escape back to youth and simpler times. Imagine a summer concert, a picnic with friends, no inhibitions. Everyone really liked making this song.


Heroes Don’t Fly

Written for my sisters, telling of the love they have for dad. Heroes live like everyone else but their committment to enrich and defend others is remarkable. The concept is shared by everyone. A hero isn’t a man or woman, a boy or girl, it is all of them.


House 448 Ocean Song

A song about our favorite vacation place, the freedom, the good times, never wanting it to end, and the hope it never will.


Maybe Tomorrow

A song dedicated to the children of St. Jude’s Hospital and those that love them. Inspired to demonstrate the innocence and tragedy of brave souls.


Run out of Time

A song about someone I knew since childhood. Soon after he retired, there was a terminal diagnosis and he died a couple of years later. The lyrics describe what I felt he must be going through.


The Creek

A very powerful story about the tragic loss of a child.


To Let You Go

Life isn’t always fair. A child is forever gone. A portrayal of the heartbreak and regret at what can’t be changed.


What Love’s About

A fun song about spontaneous and powerful emotion which overpowers thinking and time. It happens, so let it, and enjoy.


Whiskey in My Coffee

Written originally to tell the feelings I have for my wife. The vocalist, being a woman, led to a few last minutes changes. A great tune!


You Won’t Change

A song about conflict of thoughts, egos, and the heartbreak that sometimes doesn’t end, even though it should.


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